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Top 12 Trending Wigs Styles for 2023

Owning a wig is a cool and useful thing. If you find the right one, you will save a lot of time in styling. The wig is like a hat or a beanie, you put it on and you are out the door. It provides the perfect volume, density, and length that you were always looking for in your hair.

Since it is the beginning of a new year, the hair department has already set the wig trends that are going to be huge. So, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro at wearing wigs, there are the top 12 trending wigs styles that you should consider this year if you want to flaunt the best possible look.


1. Beach Waves

black and wavy wigs

There is absolutely nobody that does not adore the beach waves. Always making us long for that perfect summer days and nights, this is a hairstyle that has been trendy for many years now. As many hairstyle specialists explained, as easy as this hairstyle seems to be achieved and its effortless look, it is very demanding. This is a look that looks good on every hair length. That is why the wig trends put it in the top position for 2021 as one of the most popular wig styles that are going to be everywhere in 2021. The wet and wavy wigs provide a carefree and versatile style that could be worn throughout the entire year. It is a great and suitable option for many occasions.


2. Side Parting

side parting lace front wig

The rule says that if you do not know how to wear the middle part, stick to the side part. So does the wigs trend for 2021 say it too. The side parting is a popular and great way to make your hairstyle look neat, clean, and done. It is a common choice for many women who want to add that tone of elegance and chic to their hairstyle. It can help into transforming the face and the entire look. It really does not matter which side you will choose your parting to go, as long as it is not in the middle. This side part lace front wig is a pretty popular choice for the 2021 hairstyles, including the wig ones, because it gives the entire hair definition and completion.


3. Voluminous Curls

wavy lace front wig for black women

if you are a fan of the curls, then you certainly prefer the voluminous ones. Inspired by the celebrities and their hairstylists, the voluminous curls are a great way to a fresh and new look. On the long length, they make the hair look bouncy, full of life, and seductive, while on the shorter ones, they provide a chic and stunning look. The wigs trends put the voluminous curls high up on the list since their form and definition are permanent and provide a natural look. The synthetic voluminous curls wig will give you the look like you have spent hours doing that glam style. It is a pretty fabulous and chic choice.


4. Bob Wig

613 blonde bob synthetic wig

Bob is a hairstyle that comes up in every hair trend, season after season. This year, it comes in the top wigs trends and it is truly a look that many simply adore. Whenever in doubt by choosing a suitable hairstyle, you can never go wrong with the classic blonde bob wig. It comes with both middle and side parting, but if you are choosing a bob wig style, then go for the side part. The style it holds is suitable for every occasion, official or unofficial, and it is super chic and elegant. You will always look well-done and like you have just come from the hairdressers. As for the style, you can always choose between the sleek and straight, and the curly and voluminous. The choice is up to you.


5. Pixie Cut Wig

pixie cut short wig synthetic for black women

Pixie cuts hairstyle has seen its popularity back in the days when women were inspired by Princess Diana's hairstyle. After that, the look simply disappeared. It was not a trendy choice, and it was worn and flaunted only by those who already had that type of hairstyle before. However, as many of the hairstyle trends are making a comeback, the pixies are also coming back but this time as a wig style inspiration. The new trends put the pixie cut wigs with a brilliant and dramatic appearance. They are a great choice for women with short hair, especially during the summer to prevent the head from overheating. This wig style is great for those with heart-shaped and oval faces.


6. Layering

Layers are a cool and colorful way into adding some playfulness to one's look and appearance. If you are getting bored with the short and straight cut, then adding layers is the right way to make a change. The layers also come as a trend concerning the synthetic wig styles that are going to be popular in 2021. What makes the layering interesting for the wig is that it stops it from feeling too heavy or dense. The layers that are present through the wig deliver a lightweight feeling as well as comfortability. The layering is super accented in the wigs featuring a long length of the hair, but for those looking for a shorter version, the shoulder-length layering is also a stylish and fashionable wig choice.


7. Curtain Fringe

medium curly synthetic wig for women

Curtain fringes are another trend that is coming back and that is inspired by the 70s and the 80s. Back in those times, women were wearing their fringes separated in the middle, resembling the look of the curtains. That parting was an addition of the middle parting on the hair, which was followed by feathery layers. Today, the curtain fringe comes as part of the most popular 2021 wig styles, and it is a good way to give the face a fresh and elongating effect and appearance. The modern look of the curtain fringe delivers a style that is perfect for all ages. It is very easy to style and maintain, and it is a better version of the classic straight bangs. The best look can be achieved by adding some volume to the fringes, as well as curling the ends of the hair to the inside, creating a voluminous look throughout the entire hairstyle. The best length for the curly wig is the medium or shoulder length hairstyles.


8. 613 Blonde Wig

 lace front blonde 613 wig for black women

As the blondes have more fun, it is inevitable to mention that the blonde hair shade never goes out of style. In the wigs department, the blonde wigs are a very demanded option, and this year, the focus and the accent falls on the warm blonde shade. This is a color that provides a gorgeous look and appearance to those who have a warmer skin tone. It results in a youthful and elegant look, that can easily be flaunted all year long. The warm blond is a tone that is suitable for all hairstyles and lengths, and what makes it super special for the wigs, is that it holds the color dominant, with just the right dose of shine. Since blonde is a shade that easily fades away, the warm blonde wig will save you the trouble of frequent coloring.


9. Vibrant Pink Wig

 synthetic pink wig with bangs for white women

Maybe a bit unexpected, but the hair trends for 2021 deliver and suggest adding a pop of color to your hair. This might come with some vibrant pink or purple shade, or as highlights in these colors. Following the general hair trends, the wigs styles also suggest going for the hot pink wig with bangs and letting loose. A wig in this color looks striking. This is the time to try out some bold and colorful look that you never managed to try,  and you always played on the safe side. The most daring look will come from a sharp pink wig bob. It is both daring and mystique and a perfect choice for those looking to try out something new and fresh.


10. Highlights

If you thought that the highlights are only possible on your hair, then you are very wrong. As a technique, the highlight can add texture and definition to one's hairstyle. They are popular and demanded choice for all lengths and different hairstyles.

Although they are known as highlights, the options of adding additional lighter color to your hair can be done through many different techniques, that are available and possible onto the wigs too. So, if you want to get rid of the roots, and the constant trip to the hairdressers and touching up your highlights, picking up a wig with inserted highlights is an excellent choice.

Pick the short sassy wig with highlights and enjoy the sin-kissed hair throughout the entire year.


11. Red Wig

 synthetic red wig with bangs for white women

Red hair is always associated with people with strong and independent thoughts and personalities. When it comes to the hair trends, red is a hair color that is always present. Especially no, the vibrant red shades are on the rise in the 2021, which means that this is the color that will be trending with the wigs too. Strong and bold, this is a color that allows a stunning and edgy look at the same time. The beauty in the fiery and bright red colored wigs comes similar to the blondes – you do not have to go for frequent color touch ups. Whether you choose a short red wig with bangs or a long red wig, be sure that you will leave remarkable impression.


12. Headband Wig

Last on the list is the trend of the headband wig. As the name suggests, it is a combination between a headband and a wig. It is attached in the front with the natural hair being sewn on a wig cap. 2021 puts the accent on the headband wigs because they offer a lot of different styling options. The look that comes from wearing a headband wig is the closest to a natural one, making this option worth-considering.


As mentioned above, the wigs have grown into a fashionable hair accessory that is a great choice for all those looking for a quick change. Owning and wearing a wig saves a lot of time styling, and it is a pretty convenient way of always having your hair done. It is a great solution not only for those who have hair problems, but for models, businesswomen, women who are often traveling, and everyone who does not have a lot of time to get their hair all nice and done, but needs to deliver a presentable look.

With these trends in mind, go and get your wig which will open new horizons and styling options for you.

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