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10 Best Stylish Wigs for African American Women 2023

three African American young women wearing curly wigs


It’s a new year which means it’s time to dive into some of the latest trends in wigs for black women. 2020 might have made it impossible to make the effort of putting on a lace front wig just to go to the grocery store worth it. While throwing on a wig even while staying inside can help raise your spirits, it’s great that now people have the choice.

While quarantine slowed things down, there are still so many colors and cuts to try out this year to make up for the lost time. With places opening up and the weather getting better, it’s time to lay those edges and check out what will be the most popular synthetic wigs for 2021. With schedules getting packed and plans getting made, here is a list of the top trending wigs for black women.



1. 613 Blonde

613 blonde wig wavy

Glow like a sunkissed Goddess with a beautiful platinum blonde wig that’s perfect for days out by the beach. The 613 Blonde is long and full of body and volume that could be paired with your favorite midi dress. It’s a statement wig that demands respect and the right dress heels combo to stop people in their tracks. That night in Miami wouldn’t be the same without this wig to bring all the drama and attention.

This is why this is the wig that takes the number one spot on our list because if you’re anything like us, you’ve needed a wig for nights to get drinks with the girls and have some fun after a year of having to work and stay home.


2. Wet and Wavy Wigs

wet and wavy wig


For a more casual look that’s perfect for either an everyday look or can be styled for a day where maybe you want to look extra special, the wet and wavy wigs being that balance. This gives you a little bit of texture while still providing flow to the wig. You can style it in the way that makes you feel most comfortable, and it provides ease of style that you can’t always get from wigs that are more textured.



3. Kinky Curly Wig

kinky curly natural black synthetic wig

Speaking of texture, you do want more curls that are tight and spirally; a super cute curly kinky wig is the right one for you. While everyone loves a super straight and sleek synthetic lace front wig, it’s always nice to have a curly kinky wig handy for those days when you want to bask in the beauty of your curls.

This is also the perfect wig for folks who don’t like using hair straightening equipment as this wig requires nothing but a little conditioning so you can put away your heating products.



4. Braided Wig

braided wig

Not everyone has the time to sit in a chair for their whole weekend to get the braids that they have been dreaming up. Save yourself time and tender-headedness by getting yourself a braided wig. You get the amazing style that you love and get to keep your weekend without having to spend your whole day at the salon trying to find ways to entertain yourself.



5. Headband Wig

curly headband wig

Over the course of the pandemic, many wig suppliers had to get creative as there were several roadblocks with getting wigs produced and distributed. Headband wigs were designed to help with the lace shortage that many wig suppliers faced throughout the world, not just in the United States. Since headband wigs are made without lace, you may be required to use a portion of your hair to blend in with the wig. Headband wigs provide flexibility and ease for a wig that you need while your one there.



6. Pixie Cut

ash pixie cut sassy wig

When you want a short but sexy look, the pixie cut wig gives you that edge whether you’re going into the office or out for a lunch date. It’s easy to style and requires a low amount of time so you can get ready in the morning without missing a beat.



7. Silky Straight Wig

 silky straight lace front wig

No wig makes quite the statement like a super long silky straight wig that goes down your back. This style was made to make heads turn and allow you to have that super long and super silky straight hair without the need of going to the salon and using heating products to straighten your hair. With the help of this lace front wig, you can have hair that’s long and silky while keeping your natural hair protected from heat damage.



8. Yaki Wig

 yaki straight lace front wig

You may want that super long mane with more body to make your personality bubbly. The Yaki wig is perfect for giving you length and a little extra drama that is perfect for the soul who just can’t get her hands on some music festival tickets. Let your personality shine through and throw on your Yaki.



9. Burgundy Red Wig

 red wig long silky straight wig

This color will forever be popular no matter how many years pass from Rihanna’s 2010 era of “S&M,” which is why even in 2021, you really can’t go wrong with a burgundy red wig. It’s just seductive, vibrant, and allows more energy for people who like some edge with their style. There are also many shades of burgundy red to choose from, whether you prefer lighter cherry reds or a deeper Cabernet Saviougne.



10. Straight Bob

 straight bob wig

For the more serious type, a super cute straight bob is always a great choice for day-to-day wear as you can’t go wrong whether you’re dressing up or down. Similar to Blondes and burgundy red styles, straight bobs are always going to be a classic and a solid choice to end our list of trends.


Whether you’re looking for glueless wigs or synthetic lace front wigs, choose a style that speaks to you and how you want to express yourself for that occasion. Use this list as a guide to help yourself find the right wig or wigs since you really can never have enough, and enjoy 2021 in style.


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