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Ten Best Costume Wigs for Halloween 2023

It’s officially spooky season which means Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you’re going to a parade, passing out candy with friends and family, or going to an all-night dance party, everyone needs easy amazing Halloween costumes, especially after the last few years of Halloween at home. We’re all ready to turn up the drama and come out in our all hallows eve best-dressed looks.

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of a unique fresh costume idea, you want to stand out and look put together and pretend to be someone or something else for the night. It can take your costume from ordinary to extraordinary In this blog, we’re giving you the top ten best costume wigs for Halloween 2021, as well as ideas of what to dress up as.


1. Blue Wig

blue wig halloween

This long luscious, light blue wig is perfect for so many different costumes. Its straight-across bangs and waist length make for a dramatic look that will have everyone talking. Whether you’re looking to be Katy Perry from the year 2000, a sexy sailor, or a beautiful mermaid this long blue wig is sure to be the drama back to Halloween.


2. Pink Wig

pink wig

Rocking a long wavy bubble gum pink wig is the perfect addition to any Halloween costume. It’s great for making a cute young costume like Strawberry Shortcake, The Pink Power Ranger, or even Barbie seductive and sexy. If you’re looking to make a costume out of what you have at home, consider looking up pictures of Nicki Minaj during her “Pink Friday” album, all you’d have to do is add some drawn-on tattoos and a pink dress.


3. Ginger Wig

ginger wig

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a redhead for the day? Well, this 2021 Halloween you can with our full flowy Ginger Wig. It can be styled up or down for a variety of costume ideas. A quick google search will show you just how many options there are to choose from.


4. Half and Half Wig

half half wig green and red christmas

Maybe you’ve always preferred Christmas over Halloween. Well now you can go as Christmas personified with our half red and half green wig. If you’re a true Halloween lover this wig is great for the half-angel half-devil look and goes great with a dramatic makeup look.



5. Joker Wig

joker white black wig

If you want to be Harley Quinn this Halloween, we’ve just made your costume easy with this black and white wig. Throw on some white face paint and a dark red lip, alone with some short-shorts and a baseball bat and you’re ready to hit the town.



6. Burgundy Wig

red wig

With the Little Mermaid reboot just around the corner, this may be the year to grab your fishtail and a sequined bikini top. This waist-length wavy dark red wig looks great on almost any skin tone, which isn’t always the case with red wigs.


7. Silver Wig

 silver wig

Witches are always a go-to for Halloween, but this subtly silver/grey wig with loose curls can elevate your look and make for an oh-so-spooky costume. This wig is incredibly versatile and can be worn with almost any dark and mysterious character costume you can think of, so get creative and make this Halloween unforgettable.


8. Green Wig

green wig

This silky straight medium-length green wig has an almost retro vibe. If it were up to us, we’d go with a seductive Beetle Juice costume, complete with a pinstriped black and white suit, and a fierce makeup look. But even if you’re looking to be a zombie, angry Mother Earth, or even Posin Ivy herself, this green wig with bangs is a must this Halloween season.



9. White Wig

white blonde wig

Our white wig is closer to an icy blonde color than a pure white making it youthful and beautiful. Its extra-long length is so fun to flip, you’ll be feeling like Regina George all night long. The subtle shading around the root also makes it look totally natural while still serving major drama.


10. Ombre Wig


Ombre Wigs are becoming more and more popular as the years go on, both in everyday life and Halloween. If you’re someone who wants to have multiple costumes for the weekend while wearing the same wig, the blue to white ombre wig is an absolute necessity. We all know that one of the quickest ways to ruin your Halloween is by having the same costume on as other people at the event, that’s why adding a fun, stylish, or spooky wig is an absolute must for Halloween this year.




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